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Badges and fridge magnets; they're great aren't they?

Beautiful little works of art, perfect for publicity and marketing, distributing and displaying your artwork, designs and ideas, or just for highly personalised gifts. If you've got a message, get it off your chest by pinning it on one.

We offer short, long or one-off runs of badges and fridge magnets from your own designs and photographs. If your stuck for an idea we can create an image or think up a slogan for you.

Have a look at our gallery to view or buy from our ever-growing range, download templates to help create your own or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Pin or magnet backed - Brilliant for bands, short slogans, smaller logo's and artwork. Discreetly sized for a more subtle impact.

Pin or magnet backed- Fantastic for slogans, artwork, small photos of faces. A good level of detail whilst still being subtle in size.


Safety pin or magnet backed- great for younger children. Very good for photo's and larger/more detailed images.

Safety pin or magnet backed - Superb for photo's and big statements. Make great gifts.


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